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The idea of Primavera Bakery was born in 2014 in beautiful Granada, Spain - on Primavera Street to be exact! The name Primavera (Spanish for “Spring”) represented everything we dreamed the business would one day become: a flourishing enterprise budding new opportunities to meet needs in the community, well-paying jobs for employees and fantastic baked goods for our customers. Our goal is to create a concept and culture of excellence that benefits not only our clientele, but the people that make up our company.

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In 2015, Primavera began into its modern pop-up concept, as it moved to Des Moines, Iowa. It was here that Jon (our baker) experimented with recipes, perfected techniques, and began seeing the positive impact baked goods could have in the community.



In 2018, the pop-up went to Charleston, South Carolina during Jon’s military service in the U.S. Air Force. Here, he began focusing on cookie baking - his baked goods quickly became popular in his unit. Over the next few years, Primavera made and distributed cookies to military members and civilians alike in South Korea, Germany, Washington State, Colorado, North Carolina, and finally back to Des Moines!

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Now in 2024, we are taking things to the next level. We decided to take Primavera to the open public, selling delicious cookies (and eventually cakes!) at local farmers markets in Iowa!

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Meet the Primavera Team


Primavera’s CEO

  A true master of finesse and proficient in charming people with cuteness.  


Chief testing Officer

Captain of Marketing. Official taste tester and quality assurance supervisor.


The Baking Expert

Purveyor of all things delicious.